Ampify Music

Whilst working at Ampify Music as a UX Designer, I took great pleasure in working on a multitude of fantastic products, improving the accessibility, user delight and overall experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

Groovebox Horizon Synth

Horizon is Groovebox’s ambient polyphonic synth. Lush pads, dreamy melodies and analogue organs, Horizon is a versatile instrument to add depth to your music.

My involvement in the project was fabricating the design direction, organising design studio sessions, and maintaining communications across developers and audio engineers.

Groovebox Promo Artwork

Groovebox for iOS was picked as ‘App of the Day’ on the Apple App Store. To give the best impression of the app to new users, my role was to create artwork for the ‘App of the Day’ page. 

The artwork was produced using Cinema 4D and on a (very) tight time schedule.

Ampify Studio Beta Release

One of the most exciting parts of working at Ampify Music was to see a new product come to life; Ampify Studio. It’s an easy to use, music making tool for desktop. 


With a strong focus on beginners making music without any barriers, my work on the project consisted of improving user journeys into the app, building a better sound browsing experience, conducting multiple analyses of competitors and working with users to improve the product. – Through user testing and a multitude of other research methods.  

Launchpad Visual & Accessiblity Improvements

Launchpad for iOS is the leader of the Ampify Music app fleet. A staple of music production on mobile, which has become a fantastic example of how to make a fun, simple yet professional music production tool on mobile devices. My work on Launchpad involved an overhaul of the main pad design to improve accessibility, vibrancy and overall fun-ness.