Ampify Music

Whilst working at Ampify Music as a UX Designer, I took great pleasure in working on a multitude of fantastic products, improving the accessibility, user delight and overall experience.

Here are some of the highlights:

Ampify Studio Beta Release

One of the most exciting parts of working at Ampify Music was to see a new product come to life; Ampify Studio. It’s an easy to use music making tool for desktop. With a strong focus on beginners making music without any barriers, my work on the project consisted of improving user journeys into the app, building a better sound browsing experience, conducting multiple analyses of competitors and working with users to improve the product. – Through user testing and a multitude of other research methods.  

Launchpad Visual & Accessiblity Improvements

Launchpad for iOS is the leader of the Ampify Music app fleet. A staple of music production on mobile, which has become a fantastic example of how to make a fun, simple yet professional music production tool on mobile devices. My work on Launchpad involved an overhaul of the main pad design to improve accessibility, vibrancy and overall fun-ness. 

Groovebox Workflow Improvements