DIY 25L Fastpack

Introduction This pack is designed for fastpacking. It features stretchy outer pockets, hydration vest straps and a dry bag style closure. The pack is intended to be used for shorter…


DIY Enclosed Tarp

DIY Enclosed Tarp Introduction After spending some time ogling over the MLD Trailstar's wind-cutting abilities and wondering how it could be made for a price that didn't cost the earth,…


DIY Thru Hiking Backpack V2

A Little Introduction A few months ago I built Floki, a 35L ultralight backpack. It was the pack of my dreams, and had everything I could have wished for: big…


Reinheimen Traverse

An Introduction to Reinheimen A recent addition to Norway's national parks, Reinheimen offers some of the country's most unique scenery. The area is best known for its diverse wildlife and…

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Welsh 3000s

There are 15 mountains in Wales that are over 3000 feet in height. At some point a mountaineer decided to link all of those peaks and turn it into one…


Making a 30L Backpack

The past few weeks I've been piecing together a fast-packing backpack. It's the first of its kind and hopefully will prove itself in the years to come.


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