Reinheimen Traverse

An Introduction to Reinheimen A recent addition to Norway's national parks, Reinheimen offers some of the country's most unique scenery. The area is best known for its diverse wildlife and…

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Welsh 3000s

There are 15 mountains in Wales that are over 3000 feet in height. At some point a mountaineer decided to link all of those peaks and turn it into one…


Iceland Winter Camping

An exploration into Iceland’s wild landscape Iceland is a country that has seen incredible change over the past 10 years. With tourism now being a bigger money-maker than the fishing…


Elusive Værøy

The view from this mountain was something out of a Nordic legend. Snowcapped sea-cliffs lead down to a pristine sandy beach. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes and still looking back at this view it’s hard to believe it’s real.


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