Thinking Like A Tree

This is a project that explores the roots of the biodiversity crisis. Would ecosystems be crumbling if humans had the mindset of trees?

How might we change how we think about sustaining other life on Earth if an anthropocentric world view didn’t exist? Thinking Like A Tree is an imaginative thinking activity to help change our perception about the non-human and rid the human speciesist condition.

Tree Thinking

Critical Design


Coffee, a widely normalised drug. But why is coffee paraphernalia not indicative of its drug like attributes? What if coffee machines were representative of their addictive tendencies? Kaffekok embraces addiction and doesn’t hide from it.

UX Design

Ampify Music

Whilst working at Ampify Music as a User Experience Designer, I took great pleasure in working on a multitude of fantastic products, improving the accessibility, user delight and overall experience.


Outdoors Design

Floki Packs

Inspired by the need to travel comfortably in the outdoors, Floki Packs are a series of custom made ultralight backpacks made for fast-packing and thru-hiking. Ranging from the smallest 25L Fastpack, all the way up to a 50L. The philosophy at the heart of the design is one of minimalism, to embrace the time spent in the outdoors.

UX Design

Postman's Problem

Runners are neglecting their cities, many avoiding the bustling streets and heading to parks and trails. Postman’s Problem transforms the relationship that runners have with their cities by aiding runners in completing every single street. It’s a way for runners to fall in love with their city, by understanding every inch of it.

iPhone 12 Pro Mockups by Asylab

Social Design

NHS Test and Trace Onboarding Redesign

The NHS Covid 19 Test and Trace app isn’t designed in a fair and socially just way. This project is a redesign of the onboarding experience with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility and transparency.

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