Floki Packs

Lightweight backpacks that can be made easily at home.

20L Fastpack

25L Fastpack

35L Ultralight Backpack

40L Ultralight Backpack

1P Enclosed Tarp


Yes! Please use them, tweak them, improve upon them. The outdoors industry is abundant with gear manufactured in locations with poor working conditions, where workers are paid low wages, in factories that have huge environmental costs. It would be nice to make these accessible and open to everybody. Make bags for your friends, family. – It can be fun!

These designs can be opened in Adobe Illustrator or other vector based applications that support .ai files. The idea is to make these designs easy to tweak to your own body and physique.

Yes! the Illustrator file is usually presented with a basic panel layout and a layout with seam allowances.

Our bodies are all different. I advise you to copy the design of existing bag straps to find something that fits you well.

Have some improvements?

Please send .ai files and suggestions.

Testing Notes

The First Ultralight Backpack

It all started with the urge to get as light possible, to hike as fast as possible. Before attempting the Welsh 3000s, I designed and built my first ‘proper’ pack. It was 30L fastpack which had a unique fit and a set of features aimed specifically for summer overnight camping in the UK.

This pack became my playground for learning the ropes of pack building, designing outdoor equipment and sewing together functional products.

In The Field