Floki Packs

"I joke about many things son of Ragnar, but never about pack-building"

The First Ultralight Backpack

It all started with the urge to get as light possible, to hike as fast as possible. Before attempting the Welsh 3000s, I designed and built my first ‘proper’ pack. It was 30L fastpack which had a unique fit and a set of features aimed specifically for summer overnight camping in the UK.

This became pack became my playground for learning the ropes of pack building, designing outdoor equipment and sewing together functional products.

Welsh 3000s with the 1st custom pack

Welcome Floki

Along came Floki, a pack with personality. The coyote brown X-Pac was a signature style piece for the birth of Floki Packs. 35L and super light. Floki tried to do things differently and introduced some new side pockets and a dry bag style roll top. Tested on the Cape Wrath Trail, this pack was put through its paces. It made it out the other side, with a few grazes here and there.

The bigger Brother

After Floki’s success and thru hiking dreams ahead, a slightly bigger pack was preparing itself on the sewing machine. A mix of Dyneema Gridstop and X-Pac X21 RC, this was a pack built to last. Light but functional, this was a natural evolution from Floki, the young warrior.

What's next for Floki packs?

As the packs have become more mature, they’ve been longing for a partner in crime, someone to watch their back at night. A new tarp is on the horizon. A shelter to cut the wind and keep its patch dry.