The Sami measurement of distance one can comfortably travel by foot before needing another cup of coffee.

Kaffekok is an espresso machine that encourages the disposal of coffee grounds in compost and celebrates caffeine addiction. Coffee addicts are the worst offenders when disposing of their coffee grounds, many pouring them down the sink or in the waste bin. Kaffekok combats this by offering a clean and simple ‘puck release’ for removing grounds, making compost disposal that bit easier. 

Kaffekok is a faster process than traditional methods of brewing, since the user applies pressure to brew the coffee. The four glass syringes enable the user to brew a coffee for four people, a chance to show off their coffee making skills to friends.

Ideation & Sketches

3D Prototype


Modelled in Solidworks

Animated in Cinema 4D

Simulated in Realflow

Rendered in Arnold

Compiled in After Effects