NHS Test and Trace Redesign

The NHS Covid 19 Test and Trace app isn’t designed in a fair and socially just way. As a concept piece, I decided to redesign the onboarding with a focus on an inclusive, accessible and transparent experience.


Please note that this concept has no affiliation or association with the NHS, and is purely a commentary piece of design work.


Problems with the Existing App

1. Difficult to find data security policy
2. Terms and conditions are a maze
4. Requires latest version of OS.
5. Cannot edit your postcode after the first install
6. The extensive amount of copy is difficult to digest
7. It isn’t clear what the NHS are doing with the data
8. Toggling Bluetooth Contact Tracing is difficult

9. Marginalises those without smartphones

With there being a large multitude of problems in relation to social justice and fairness, I decided to improve the onboarding experience with a focus on the three following themes: