Thinking Like A Tree

Would our planet be crumbling if we were thinking like trees?

To start tackling environmental problems such as the biodiversity crisis, ocean and atmospheric pollution, we should start thinking like trees. Trees think more holistically about an ecosystem, where biodiversity matters for survival. Trees can teach us how to be regenerative, how to embrace inter-species relationships, how to create environments for living organisms to flourish. Most importantly they provide valuable insights on how to rewild our planet.

Design Process

This project weaved itself away from the human centred design process. How might we design when human satisfaction isn’t the core metric for a project’s success? What if beings other than humans were collective stakeholders in a design project?

The following ideas explore how we might design objects and experiences where connection to nature and entire ecosystems become the main focus.

A Poem About Trees

To walk in the woods and witness the majesty,
It makes you wonder how this planet, turned into an environmental travesty.

Ecosystems are crumbling, the planet is ablaze,
But it’s not too late to change, our speciesist ways.

Open your mind, form a connection,
The truth is unveiled, in the realms of your imagination.

Immerse your senses, connect to the tree’s heart,
Witness the life, how could us beings ever live apart?

Listen to the birds, feel the wind against your skin,
Watch the seeds disperse, the seasons change and take notes on how new life can begin.

Humans are the problem, but not an unstoppable disease,
We can be regenerative, if we begin thinking like trees.

Short Film Screenshots